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How To Use My Espresso Machine...?

Q: I have an Espresso machine, it used to be my mom's and she gave it to me just recently. It's several years old and hasn't been used in a while, which I don't think really matters as long as it's clean. I ran some water through it to clean it out... but now I don't honestly know HOW to use it. lol. I would put my coffee in it, but I'm worried if I do it wrong, I'll just waste coffee. PLUS, I see people making a big deal out of the pods, which is actually what I THINK I have. They're Espresso roast "individually packaged ground coffee" packets with a little (I'm guessing) pod from Starbucks that my aunt and mom bought me and my roommate as a house warming gift for our apartment. I want to make some Espresso with them, but I have no clue what I do with the machine. Which I know makes me sound kiiiinda stupid buuuut I would rather get some advice about how to work it before I go wasting all of our packets of Espresso. It's a 'Swift' Espresso, coffee, Cappuccino machine which I'm sure isn't the most top of the line machine but I'm fairly positive it'll get the job done as long as I know how to do it right!! The only knob it has is on the side and it goes one way to work the foamer and the other way to make the coffee/Espresso. I would just like some help, or a walkthrough, of the process it takes to make a good Espresso shot. I hope I don't sound TOO ignorant for you coffee connoisseurs. If someone could just tell me exactly what to do to get the best cup of coffee/Espresso, that would be GREAT!!!

A: Tanya has a good idea: Any Espresso machine works on the basic same principle, only use the pods that are Espresso. Espresso is ground much finer than typical coffee to get maximum flavor and strength from the beans. The handle protruding from the machine moves to the left to open. You should have a cup like metal with a handle now. Put your pod/grounds in there. Put back together twisting handle back to the right. The top of the machine has a screw lid. Open it and add a tablespoon more plus one Espresso cup of water. Replace lid. Flip on switch. There you go!I have looked around for you and I can't find any directions, but I know this much: There should be a waterline for the water. I would think that pod can only go in one way. I say you go for it and try it. Observe while it is brewing to see what is going on in case it is wrong. Then you will know what NOT to do.