How To Use Salton EX8 Cappuccino/Espresso Maker?

Q: No's used...but I got it for free, so I'm not complaining. It makes espresso real fast and has this valve and spout for the milk-heating thing, but it puts ALL the water (you put into the boiler) into the carafe (via the coffee holder thing). So how do you get steam for heating the milk?

A: I'm new myself but I've been using a Salton that sounds similar. I got mine for $10 with no instructions, as well. So - 1) put 2 scoops into the portofilter and lock it on; 2) fill the carafe with water to a little above the silver band on the carafe and 3) pour it into the boiler. 4) tighten the boiler cap, turn the steam control off (clockwise), put the carafe under the portafilter and turn the unit on. After a little bit of coffe starts coming out, 5) open the steam valve (you can control how much) and begin steaming/frothing the milk you have ready. See for frothing, etc). Finally, put coffee (strength to taste) in cup and add the steamed milk (for a latte). I think this is the same as the EX10. Put another dose of water in the boiler and open the steam knob. Stand poised by the steam wand and, if you are quick, you have about enough to warm it. This ng (used to!) argue ferociously about whether the 1.1litre boiler of the Livia 90 has sufficient steam compared with the 1.2l Giotto. Some other steam machines you have to put a blanking plate in the coffee holder thing (portafilter :-) 3 pump machines later and i still haven't the heart to throw mine away. I even tried to make a decent cup of coffee with it recently (after years of reading here and knowing Everything About Coffee etc)I'm not familiar with this model (mine is an ancient EX3) - but if it works the same way (unscrew lid and add water) then fill it to the internal level (or just below the steam take off). There should be water left in the machine for steam production before/during/after you have made coffee, since the take off for the coffee water is above the bottom of the boiler.