I Have An Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee Maker... And I Was Wondering... Is There A Way To Make Black Coffee Using A Cappuccino Maker?

Q: I have an Espresso/Cappuccino coffee maker... and I was wondering... is there a way to make black coffee using a Cappuccino maker? Not strong Espresso shots, but just coffee like the one you get from filter coffee makers? Any other ideas? It just takes too long to froth the milk and tap the coffee in the coffee holder..

A: Well, you can make whats called an 'Americana'- basicly coffee, but might have a stronger taste to it. I dunno. What you do is make your Espresso, and pour it in a cup, and add water to it... youll have to play around to see how much water you'll have to add to make it taste the way you want it to. What i do with mine, is this: I buy flavored coffees, and i make Esspresso with it, (I never tap mine down and dont have any probs with it) then I get a big cup, usually a 32 oz. and fill it with ice, I sweeten my Espresso (I smell it to see if its sweet enough), and I slowly pour it over my ice until its cold, then I add regular milk to it, (mine's about 1/3 espresso and 2/3 milk...) more or less to taste, and drink up... its like an Iced Latte... super good!!! You can also make it with regular flavored coffee. I just add creamer and sugar to the Espresso (and a lil vanilla extract) before I cool it so it mixes in easily. Yes, an Espresso with hot water is called an Americano and has a taste similar to regular black coffee. Yep, make an Americano. Pull a double shot, and add hot water.