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I Have An Espresso Machine And Don't Have The Instructions.

Q: I have an Espresso machine and don't have the instructions. I never used my Espresso machine and lost the instructions. It's a 'Delonghi Cafe Rialto', but i can't find anywhere online for instructions. Does anyone know where I can get them online?

A: Use a blender to blend your machine. That's a good coffee, right? No just kidding... ha ha. You can contact the manufacturer and tell them that they need to send you some. You could ask on here for somebody that has one to mail you their instructions through e-mail. Try going to the makers website, and see if you can order one there. When I buy some things at auction, they sometimes don't come with instructions, and I just go online and order them for a couple of dollars. The maker of yours has a pretty comprehensive website, or you can call them and ask them to send you one for the model you have.