I Just Bought An Espresso Machine. Can I Use Regular Ground Coffee, Or Do I Need To Buy Espresso Ground?

Q: It's a Breville Espresso/Cappuccino maker. I'm pretty sure it would taste better with Espresso ground, but I'm thinking cheaper here. Can anyone help?

A: If you buy ground coffee at the store, it is typically ground for a paper cone filter. That will not be a fine enough grind for your machine. How is the regular ground coffee cheaper? Just curious here. I work in a coffee shop, so I haven't actually purchased coffee in years. If all else fails, get the regular ground and tamp it harder. And, just FYI, a blade grinder will not yield a fine enough grind for Espresso. A burr grinder is the only worthwhile grinder. Thanks. I worked in a coffee shop once, and that's why I figured the grind would need to be different. I think the ground coffee is a tad bit cheaper, but not by much. I am looking into a burr grinder for the future. Thanks for giving me the heads up on the different types! Using regular grind coffee in an Espresso machine will only give you regular brewed coffee flavor. To get the most from your machine buy whole bean coffee and grind it just before you start the machine AND grind it fine, very fine. Play with the grind as each coffee blend, and each machine 'prefer' their own grind. Remember, you are shooting for a 20 to 25 second shot. Espresso coffee is gound much finer to allow the steam jet to get the maximum strength from the coffee. Yes, you can use regular ground, but you just won't get the intensity of flavour of a true Espresso ground. I'm Not sure what you mean by regular ground coffee. If it is instant coffee, where you put a spoon in water then NO NO NO. You will clog up your machine and it is also processed. You want ground Espresso beans.