I Just Got An Espresso/Cappuccino Maker...Now How Do I Use It?

Q: I'm new to the world of coffee/Espresso/Cappuccino, and I know very little. I actually hate regular coffee, but I love some Espressos and Cappuccinos. I got a maker that can be used with pods or from scratch. Can anyone give me a crash course in using this machine? Any recommendations for pod brands? Finally, my favorite Espresso is the White Chocolate Mocha, how do I make this & is this available in pods?

A: You don't say what kind of machine you have. If it is a small one, it should have came with directions, but the key to a great Espresso is that you don't reuse the grounds for more than one shot. It will make it a very bitter cup. Pack down your finely ground beans and put in the machine. Push the start button, and add the Espressed coffee to your cup. You can find White Chocolate powder where ever you buy your beans. Add a scoop of the chocolate and mix with the espressed coffee. Take your milk and use the steam barista to froth it. Do not go over 160 degrees (best to use a small thermometer) as it will burn the milk. Keep it moving up and down till it reaches about 150 degrees. Pour the milk into the cup and stir gently. You now have your cup of white chocolate Espresso. It will take some practice to get it right. Be patient and Enjoy!