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Is Espresso Supposed To Taste Burnt?

Q: I bought an inexpensive Espresso/Cappucino maker and every time I make coffee, it smells and tastes burnt. I went exactly by the directions, and used two different kinds of roast (Espresso and a Medium Roast). Is it the coffee beans, the machine, or am I doing something wrong? Every Cappucino I have ever had never tastes burnt and I really cannot drink what this Espresso/Cappucino maker has been making.

A: Bad Espresso has an ingrained bitterness that no amount of sugar can hide. Ironically, it is often the result of forcing too much water through the approximately six to eight grammes of ground coffee beans that the Espresso machine holds per cup of coffee. Rather than diluting the coffee’s natural bitterness, too much water has the opposite effect – of drawing out the coffee’s acidity. Ideally, only about three grammes of liquid coffee, a demitasse cupful, should be pressed out of those six to eight grammes of ground coffee beans. Mentioned by contributors above: – Use purified or mineral water in lieu of tap water, or for that matter, any bottled or filtered water is fine;(1) – Arabica beans are 'better grade’ over Robusta beans;(2) (4) – Regular blade coffee grinder will not be able to give the right grind; a burr grinder is preferred; – Medium grain rather than fine grain coffee powder is recommended with usually with lower range but not necessarily inexpensive commercial espresso and cappucino makers. Finely grounded powder is meant to give a denser packing and heavier taste;(3) – Use finely grounded coffee with stovetop espresso makers; – Some coffee makers require seasoning over a period of time with the same coffee grounds. The more of the same ground of coffee used, the stronger and sharper the taste; – Goes without saying that the coffee machine was thoroughly flushed the first time before use; – Should the burnt taste persist, consider bringing the machine back for a replacement or change. – Purchase low acid concentrates if coffee is too acidic.(5)An espresso usually has a slightly burnt or heavy coffee taste to it, but it shouldn't be to the point where you can't drink it. It could be the beans that you're using. Next time you buy beans, make sure you purchase 'Arabica' beans and not 'Robusta' beans. Arabica beans are a much better quality and grade than Robusta. A brand like Folgers uses Robusta beans, because they are much cheaper. Coffee chains usually use Arabica beans because they want the best flavor for their customers. I hope that I haven't confused you, and have been some help.Its the beans. Dont fill it up and watch the temp. I like caps cause it can be regulated. These kinds of coffee are already strong to begin with, but you have to experiment some more. Add salt to the mixtuer, will see a big difference.