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Is It Called Coffee Or Espresso?

Q: Although still very new, I was wondering why so many call their Espresso, "coffee". In addition, how does one make "coffee" (usually made with a drip coffee maker) with an Espresso maker?

A: I believe many use the generic word "coffee" to cover Espresso, cappuccino, drip, French pot, mokka pot, etc. I myself say "wait 'till I've had my coffee", and most who know me know that means cappuccino. All Espresso is coffee; not all coffee is Espresso. Espresso is one method (of many) by which one may brew coffee. You cannot make "drip" coffee with an Espresso machine. Drip brewing is a different and distinct brewing method (one of many methods). To make a cup of "regular" coffee with an Espresso machine pull one shot and use the hot water dispenser to add 3 or 4 parts water to the Espresso shot. This is called an "Americano" and it's what I drink when I'm too bleary to steam milk for a cappuccino or when I'm not in the mood for a straight Espresso. The flavor is striking and very pure as compared to drip-brewed coffee. I know "Americanos" aren't as popular as other Espresso based drinks but my mother, a coffee lover to the Nth degree, absolutely loves them and makes excuses to come over (other than seeing the grandkids) for a cup of "real" coffee. :o) Hope this helps! Oh, and everyone wish me luck, my new machine is arriving this week! It's been a LONG dry spell with a french press and pyrex frother since my last machine met its demise thanks to a recent houseguest (and FORMER friend after ruining my machine!) As soon as I received it, I immediately loaded my Krups Model 993 (old little puppy) wth some freshly grounded Kenya AA and tried this concoction. Absolutely awesome! And to think, I was looking to purchase a new drip coffee maker. Needless to say, I am now looking to purchase the best Espresso machine under $300.00. Oh boy, this is just the beginning!!! I am currently considering the Saeco Espresso Classico and Magic Cappucino (in stainless steel of course), the Gaggia New Coffee, and the Solis SL70. Any opinions from anyone on these?