I Want To Buy The Best Espresso/Coffee Machine For My Home Under $350.00 USD. Any suggestions?

Q: My wife and I both enjoy coffee and Latte's in the morning. We are looking for a kitchen counter top combo package (coffee and Espresso maker). We would like to spend around $350.00 USD.

A: Find a specialty place that deals with the Italian market, take a look in you local Yellow Pages, and if you into spending that kind, make sure it has all the bells and whisltes. The more professional types are more expensive, but have the reliablity and ability to take constant use. One other thing to remember is use an excellent quality Espresso coffee, the better the coffee, the better the taste. Something that when it has been brewed has the nicest crema on top, and has a good steam supply for frothing milk, just make sure to keep it clean and free of obstructions.