I Was Wondering Where I Could Get A Cheap Cappuccino Machine?

Q: I was just wondering were I could find a cheap Cappuccino machine for under 80 dollars. I have a very low budget because this gift is for my dad, and I really want to get him this gift he really wants. It needs to make more than 6 cups of Cappuccino.

A: Too late!! I could have gotten you a nice one from Brandsmart, a discount appliance store in the South for $49 on Black Friday. There are still some nice models available, but they don't have online sales, yet. Kyle, an appliance store, Warners' Stellian Appliances (very reputable and they ship all over the country) is having a huge closeout sale for all their small housewares, and you may be able to pick up a cheap Cappuccino maker (at 50% discount, I think) if they have one left. You could try stores like 'Target', or 'Wal Mart'. I know 'Linen 'N Things' are going out of business (should be any day now), so maybe the website will have one for really cheap. I'm not too sure on what one, though. Just check around your local stores, sometimes you never know where you can get the best deal.