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Krups Espresso Novo 2300 (2200)

Q: Is there anyone who has any experience with this machine??? Thinking of buying one...

A: The Krups Espresso Novo 2 is essentially the same machine as my Krups Espresso Pronto. There is also someone else on the group that has the KEN 2000, that I know of. What do you want to know about it? A few years ago I decided to buy my first proper home espresso/cappuccino machine (i've since had a few others since then...they just keep getting better all the time, don't they??). Anyway, one of the models I was considering purchasing was made by Krups. I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and they told me that I shouldn't buy any Krups products; they were the manufacturers of the Gas Chambers which were used during the Holocaust in World War 2. Needless to say, I chose a different brand (Black & Decker, from memory), and I will never purchase any product from Krups. As I said, I don't know how true this is, (I am merely quoting my sources, and I'm sure they're all impeccable!). however, if it is true, I would be steering away from the Krups Espresso Machine, if I were you. Tamss PS: If anyone can shed some light on the truth of this matter, I would really appreciate it. My father bought a Krups machine (much to my disgust), but he raves about the fantastic coffee it makes (and trust me, if even HE can make a good cuppa from it, then it MUST be good)!! Besides, 'tis time for me to (again) renew my machine!I just got a new Novo2300-plus 3 days ago. I had had a Pronto for 3+ years and it finally died. I had assumed the milk steaming would be the same, but they have completely changed it and I'm not sure yet that I like the new attachment. It's more trouble and it uses the steam to run past a horizontal vent to make the steamed milk and put it out a tube of plastic tubing. The old model was more like a real espresso machine in that you stuck the nozzle into the top edge of the milk and steamed it. Then, you'd dunk the tube into a glass of milk or cup of milk and it sucks the milk up and sprays out the steam into another container. The froth is good, but by the time you've moved the milk into the new container (even if you warm it) and have the coffee in 2 other espresso cups the temp of the mix has dropped. I like my coffee hot - so I have to pop it in a microwave for 20 sec after making it to get it hotter to my taste. I got the Pronto 2300Plus from for $199.95 in case anyone wonders where.