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Krups "Novo" #989 Pump System Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Q: Can anyone give me any information on the quality of the Krups "Novo" #989 Pump System Espresso/Cappuccino Machine? I currently own a steam powered Krups Espresso maker which I like, but I want to switch to a Pump machine for better quality Espresso. I have a chance to get a refurbished model of this machine for under $100. The MSRP is $189. Is this a good deal? I am looking for the best machine I can find for under $200. The most important thing is the flavor of the Espresso, with good beans of course. Also, if I don't get this machine, where is the best place to shop for a good, relatively inexpensive machine? Any specific models of choice? I'd appreciate any help I can get.

A: This is a good starter pump machine, but not at $100. For $35 more, you could get a refurb Gaggia Coffee, which is a definite step up. The 989 has been auctioned around the net for as little as $40, and usually $60 or s at Look around before you take the plunge. Visit the major auction sites (besides eBay), and see if you can find a better price.