Making Cappuccino At Home?

Q: I just ordered a Cappuccino machine, and I am curious how to make my favorite drink. I order a 'Vanilla Cappuccino' at 'Starbucks'. What type coffee do I need to buy? Do I also need to buy syrup or will vanilla coffee work?

A: Get 'Starbucks Espresso Blend', have them grind it for an Espresso machine. Buy vanilla syrup (not the coffee). I would even ask a barista for some frothing tips to get the perfect Cappuccino foam. It is an art, and hard to do on the at home machines but fun! Also, get a big pitcher for foaming milk that way you won't make huge mess. The little ones, they sell for personal use, and don't cut it. You can get the larger ones from a commercial kitchen supplier. Get some vanilla coffee if you like, that is what I would do but you will need to get some whipping cream also for the milk part it makes. It taste richer than regular mild or half and half ,yes it's more calories, but so what? I just checked the Starbucks website, and there was no Vanilla Cappuccino listed. It's likely that you are ordering a Cappuccino with a shot of Vanilla syrup. Your local Cost Plus will have syrups for coffees in the back of the store.