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My Espresso Machine Won't Steam Or Froth Milk.

Q: I have a combo Espresso/coffee machine, and I've been trying to make a decent Cappuccino but I've had no luck so far. I make my Espresso, and then flip the switch from Espresso to froth and wait for it to heat and then turn up the steam knob, but if any steam comes out at all, it comes from the Espresso drip, not the frothing device or even the steam tube. I've tried to steam the milk without making Espresso first, but the same thing happens. Any advice?

A: If you have a warranty, then call the manufacturer and have them send you a new one. If not, I would probably just buy a brand new one, because I'm not really a "fixer" when it comes to this stuff, I'm more of a "play around with it and then get mad when my solution doesn't work and then hit it with a bat" type of person.