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New Carezza Espresso Maker

Q: Since I'm already the OP in another thread regarding maintenance of this machine, I think it's only fair to report on how things are going since it was delivered. I got it a couple of days ago and have made four cappuccinos so far. All have been very good. Whether the Espresso portion would be called a "god-shot" I can't say, since I don't have a taste for straight Espresso. But I'm quite satisfied with the drinks I'm getting. I'm not totally inexperienced since I've already owned a cheaper "steam machine", which made cappuccinos that I thought were quite tasty. However, after three months, the frothing performance of the steam machine began to fail. I THINK it's the heating element that didn't hold up. Hey, I'm not sorry to have had the experience since it proved to me that I'd really want to own a cappuccino machine. So I ordered a refurbished Gaggia Caressa from Whole Latte Love. The price was right and things are going well so far. Delivery was quick.

A: 2 parts Brazil 1 part Sumatran (or Peruvian or Costa Rican or Bolivian) 1 part Yemen My mouth waters thinking about it! Anyway I made a note to myself today that I wanted more of the Yemen. It makes a good cappuccino I think. As to the grinder, I use a Capresso Infinity Grinder. I like it fine. (I wrote about it in another thread this morning). I chose it instead of another grinder because there isn't a gap where beans fall into the motor. That problem distressed me in another grinder I tried out. To use with the Carezza I set the Infinity to the finest setting. I'm still getting used to the Carezza, of course, and will probably have more comments about it. Two of those are tiny. I'll have to be careful not to lose them.