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Operating Hints For Paradiso Expresso Maker

Q: From the estate of an Aunt, I received an electric Paradiso Espresso maker. There were no operating instructions, no model number on the device. It was made in Switzerland. It makes two shots. The top contains the filter and a tube that goes out and curves down and divides into two tubes for dispensing the Espresso. Inside is a basket on a hollow stem. A hinged bracket with a knobbed screw tightens down and holds the top to the body. There is a safety valve in the body. It looks pretty straight forward in operation. Open it up, pour in water, put coffee in the basket, tighten down the top, plug it in an wait for the Espresso to come out, turn it off. Does that sound about right? Any hints so it doesn't blow up?

A: This is what is actually referred to around here as an electric moka pot. It works on steam pressure rather than pump pressure to produce a good, strong coffee, but not rightly called Espresso. To use it, put your water in the bottom, fill the basket with a medium grind of coffee, open the bottom valve, turn it on, and wait for all the water to come to the top. To use it for steam, close both valves, and turn on the switch, and in a relatively short time, you should have plenty of steam pressure. Steam is something that these machines actually do fairly well, so you may actually be able to get a decent latte or cappuccino from this machine. Good luck, and enjoy!