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Substitute For Espresso?

Q: I am making a coffee drink, and it calls for fresh brewed Espresso. I don't have an Esspresso maker but I do have a coffee maker and Cappuccino machine. Which one would be better to use?

A: Add twice the amount of regular coffee to the brew basket, and you will have a much stronger brewed coffee. I was the first Espresso bar in a small town in Minnesota and we made our Thai coffee with Espresso. Most Asian restaurants who have it on the menu use a very strong brewed coffee. I defy you to tell the difference. Can't your Cappuccino machine make Espresso? Normally the Espresso and milk would be two separate ingredients, and you could eliminate the milk part. If it calls for Espresso, regular American style coffee won't give the right results: the strength, aroma, and roasting of the coffee beans are different.