UPDATE: List Of Espresso Drinks

Q: I have incorporated most of the outstanding requests/suggestions on this list. This list is also posted at the Over The Coffee web site: http://www.infonet.net/showcase/coffee It is not possible to present such a list as this without some explanation and a bit of perspective. There is great variation from region to region (and sometimes even from shop to shop) in the definition of specialty coffee drinks. Please keep in mind that the following information is highly subjective.

A: Most folks in Italy just call 'Moka' (which actually might be a trade name owned by Bialetti) 'cafè'. Things are clear from context. If you're in a bar or resturant and ask for 'caffè', you get espresso. If you are spending the night with Zia Rosina and are offered 'cafè', you will get moka--unless Cesare struck it rich and owns a fancy espresso machine. Either way, don't forget to add the sugar! I recently received some e-mail also mentioning cafe freddo. I will add it to the list at the next update.