We Love Espresso Coffee. What Is The Best Coffee Maker To Own? Is It 'Barista'?

Q: I heard that people have issues with 'Barista'. Before I buy one, I wanted other opinions.

A: I love coffee ice creams. Get vanilla bean ice cream and semi-cool coffee and blend it together. thats the best.I don't know, but no, DO NOT buy the Barista, or any other Starbuck's machine. We have had several (Grinders, Drip Coffee Makers, etc.) and have had nothing but trouble with them. And, surprisingly, poor customer service as well. (I wouldn't have thought that from Starbucks.) I love Starbucks coffee. (Yeah, I'm a coorporate coffee hore.) I just don't like the equipment they sell. It tends to be overpriced for what you get. Actually, to tell you the truth, my parents have a Barista, and theirs seems to work ok, but they really don't use it that much. I'd get on epinions.com and look at reviews of comparable machines. It may be an ok machine, but I'm sure you could get another one just as good or better for less.