What - Not Who - Makes A Perfect cup Of Coffee?

Q: Do you drink your coffee black, or with cream & sugar, or what? What else do you add? Do you drink Espresso or Cappucino? How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

A: I drink my coffee with cream and sugar. I just need my coffee to be strong and not burnt. I don't know if I make the perfect pot of coffee, but it works for me. Right now I have a ghetto coffee maker. I have to boil the water first, and then pour it through the coffee and wait for it to drip into the pot, because it's the only way my coffee maker works. Anyway, I'm like 'Lorelai Gilmore', I just pour the coffee in until it looks strong enough, and I know this: If you put too much water in, NOT GOOD, if you put too little water in, All IS GOOD. All great things to do to ensure the perfect cup of java, but one vital thing is missing...proper water...clean water. Not just tap either, not just bottled. I am talking purified water from a water purification system, not like 'PUR' or 'Brita',but a system that actually kills bacteria and viruses as well as filtering out impurities, but leaving behind trace minerals needed for our bodies. Does such a system exist? Yep! Hubby and I have one, and it helps make the perfect cup of java. I drink mine with light cream (not half and half) and sugar. The best coffee I've ever found is 'French Market' from New Orleans. Delicious and strong. I do like Cappuccino, but only occasionally drink it. 2 cups per day, in the A.M. The temperature of the water is vital, not straight from the boil, wait just a few minutes, then away you go, you will find that you lose that burnt type taste.