What Are Some Ways To Improve Sales For A Gas Station/Convenience Store?

Q: Hi! What are some ways to improve business for a gas station/convenience store? I own/run a 'Getty Station'/convenience store, and I want to improve the business and bring in more customers. The gas station is located on a busy intersection. We also have an empty food space, where a 'Taco Bell' used to be. We have made an effort to bring in people to start something, but usually they don't have the money to start something there, or aren't negotiable. Lately, ever since we started the "please prepay before pumping your gas or use your credit card" rule we've had too many drive-offs that were costing us money. Business hasn't been doing so great ever since, not to mention another convenience store has opened on the same road, which is also causing us to lose customers. The only thing that brings people to that store is that they have a lottery kino and freshly-made sandwiches. Also, another 'Getty' gas station on the same road, has stolen most of our ideas, and sells most of our products such as gum, candy, sandwiches, dairy, etc., at the same price, or items at a lower price such as ciggerettes. So, we are really trying to improve the sales of our store/bussiness. We sell most candy bars types/flavors/companies such as 'Hersheys', 'Nestle', 'Snickers', 'Fast Break', dairy items, candy/gum, everyday need items, sanitary items, medicine, etc. We would like some suggestions on what energy drinks, drinks in general, and ice cream to sell (We sell 'Turkey Hill' and 'Ben and Jerrys'), fast food items such as sandwiches, microwavable meals that would sell and are popular, or any kind of machines or products that would bring in some profit, and are avaliable from a wholesale dealer. Are there any machines you like to see in a store such as a slushie machine, Cappuccino machine, sandwich warmer, grill etc? Or any services such as money gram/money orders, etc? Are there certain products/items you like to see in a store, or that you know is popular and sells well at a store near you? Any suggestions are welcome!

A: I live in a city where it's not prepaid at any of the gas stations I know of, but a new one came in, and they are keeping the deal, not prepaid. This was their marketing, they sell milk for 1.99. At the store its 2.70-3.20. It's something everybody needs. They have signs that say "Milk: 1.99 per gallon". It's always packed For. It was that simple. Once they ordered so much milk it was much cheaper, and they made a profit. It's something many people buy every day or every other day. I talked to the manager all the time. He said we sell more milk than the grocery story. They don't make a penny on the milk, but since people are there to buy 3 gallons of milk, they fill up too. Once they started it the gas station across the street changed to try and do it as well, but it was too late. Just a thought, it worked here. Update: So find out what you can get for milk. That made that gas station. Don't make a penny off the milk. The rest is where you make it. It worked for them, that was their business plan, and it worked. Our local gas station cleans up on fresh baked muffins, cookies, etc., and fresh coffee and specialty flavors. They also have hot dogs for $1.00, egg rolls, and other stuff that doesn't cost much, and a few groceries, caps, hats, work gloves, etc. Check your suppliers to find out how to get better prices, so you can lower yours, or check for new ones. We have to pay before we fill too, and the line of cars are endless. They also have a "per gallon discount", like 2 cents if you have their card (not a credit card), or their credit card and they offer a discount after you buy so many gallons.