What Are The Differences Between Main Types Of Coffee, Including: Espresso, Capuccino, Latte, Frappucino?

Q: What are the differences between main types of coffee, including: Espresso, Cappucino, Latte, and Frappucino? There are many more types I couldn't list above. Can you please tell me the differences, and how each type is made?

A: Espresso is just the coffee, made in a moka or Espresso maker, under pressure. Capp is Espresso with milk and foam on top. Latte is Espresso with milk, no foam. Macchiato is Espresso with a spot (mark) of milk. Marrochino (sorry about spelling and if the name offends anyone!) is Espresso and milk foam with lots of cocoa powder added - yum! Frappucino, I am not sure. Didn't serve it in Italian coffee bars! Different types of coffee are ground differently, it depends on how fine the grounds are. Espressos are very fine, while regular coffee's are more granular. Basically, the stronger the brew, the finer the grounds. According to 'Starbucks', Espresso is the bean that makes the different types of drinks, a Espresso shot is just that, Espresso. Cappuccino is a shot of Espresso with a little bit of foam on top. A Latte is a shot of Espresso with steamed milk added and foam on top and a coffee Frappuccino is by 'Starbucks' terms, a coffee, and milk based blended drink with flavors such as caramel, or mocha added in. First off, are you speaking of different roasts and main types of coffee? Now, Espresso is a pressed and concentrated coffee, not usually drank in abundance or big cup. Cappucino is a shot of Espresso, or two, or even three, with frothed or steamed milk with lots of froth on top ( 1/4 Espresso to 3/4 froth). A Latte is similar, just different proportions with more steamed milk, a little froth on top, and of course the Espresso. Frappucino is simply a coffee based frozen drink ( blended with ice, usually). Have fun drinking coffee and its wide assortment of flavors. You may find some additives that make it more palitable to you!!!