What Is A Good Name For A Coffee And Pastry Shop?

Q: I'm thinking about opening a gourmet coffee house in my area, and need a good name. A name that will catch attention, but also is clear that the business involves coffee (Espresso). I've played with the idea of using my name (Tammy's .....) but it doesn't seem very "coffee" to me! I appreciate any and all suggestions! Thanks!

A: What type of image are you trying to do with the coffee and pastry shop? Is this a place only to pick up food and go, or is this a place where people can stay and sit and chat with one another? Are you going to have a trendy image or a more "homey" appearance. I'd use a name that fits that image. Maybe you should try to get a name that is related to your Nationality or something that reflects what you love. Your place is trendy? So you want to only attract younger generations? Will they be willing to hang out there? Will it be close to Universities and schools? When you mentioned pastry, I could not help but think a classic French Cafe shop. Or Hungarian? Java Hot Buns...hire cute girls. That will get some attention. I'm actually a female, so I am not trying to be sexist.