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What Is Stopping My Stovetop Espresso Maker From Making Coffee?

Q: I recently bought a secondhand stove top espresso maker but it doesn't work. Whenever I try to make a pot, only about 1/4 of the water is forced through the coffee - I end up with lots of hot water in the bottom and only a little coffee in the top section. I've replaced the rubber ring and always run it full of water so it's not those things. Help please!

A: Make sure that you are using the proper ground of coffee. It should be a little coarser than you would use for an Espresso machine. If the grounds are too fine, the water won't be able to pass through. You want it to be finer than for a drip machine, though. Also, don't pack the grounds. They should just be lightly placed in. If you pack them, again, the water will not be able to move through. Also, make sure that the temperature of the stove is high enough. It took me up to 5 attempts before I got the real hang of my moka pot. Get some cheap grounds and work your way up from only a little grounds to your desired taste!