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What Is The Best Brand Of Espresso Coffee?

Q: Everyone claims to have the best coffee in the world that is different to everyone else's. Put it to the people, whats the best type. Eg - Brand - Illy, Coffex, Monte, Vittoria, Grinders etc.

A: One of the most popular domestic Espresso blends from a roaster in the good 'ol USA is Black Cat from Intelligentsia coffee roasters. Ask Mark Prince, the Coffee Geek himself, and this one would be at or near the top of his list. Illy has been a long time favorite, but it can never be as fresh as beans just roasted. You want the best Espresso, you need beans that are less than 2 weeks off the roast. Older than that and the flavor starts to degrade and your crema will not be as good. Omg, Does everybody REALLY know about coffee here? Despite what most people think, I still think that Starbucks whole bean coffee has an excellent quality, trust me, I work there, if it's not, I will not be lying. When we open our coffee beans, they are greasy-looking, which can indicate the freshness of the beans. The best 'Starbucks' coffee beans in making Espresso is 'Espresso Roast' or 'Italian Roast'. If you have a taste for foreign brand, Segafredo is probably the best Italian brand of coffee beans out there. Illy is my favorite, but it's a little pricy, so I only get it occasionally as a treat. For every day, I like Lavazza in the black can. It's quite good and half the price. Only available by mail order is Gevalia. Wow! You have to taste it to believe it. Illy is by far the best( and the biggest seller). I've managed Gourmet Markets for the past 30 years. Nothing tastes better, nothing outsells it( out of the better brands),Lavazza Gold would be the 2nd best.