What Is The Best Thing You Have Ever Found At A Yard Sale?

Q: I found an Italian coffee maker, that is worth about $50-60. I have also found some adorable original oil paintings. I have no idea what they are worth. I got a ladder and a wheel barrow for $5 apiece. Yay for estate sales, I love them!

A: A hand painted bathroom sink with counter and vanity etc., for $20. When I looked up to find out more about it, like if it needed a special cleaner, I discovered it was worth over $1,000, if I ever had to replace it. I bought a box of old comic books for 5 bucks...I took them to a comic book store and got 300 bucks for them. Once a year they have a community garage sale in this neighbor hood there are over 3000 garage sales all within walking distance from each other. It was awesome! I go every year.