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What Is The Difference Between Coffee And An Espresso Shot?

Q: Do you need an Espresso machine to make a Mocha, or can you make it with a normal coffee maker? What I'm trying to do is make my favorite Mocha in the mornings on my way to work without having to go buy a Espresso machine.

A: The difference is the delivery of the Espresso and coffee. By definition, you need to force the steaming water thru the Espresso under pressure. However, you can find instant Mocha drinks today in a grocery store that doesn't require such a machine. The Mocha drink is powder that you mix with hot water, like hot chocolate, but you will miss the Espresso experience. Did you know Espresso contains less caffeine than any other style of coffee? The difference is in how finely the coffee bean is ground and the way the coffee is brewed. Coffee beans are ground to an almost powder consistency for Espresso coffee, while they are left much coarser for regular coffee. You can get a stove top Espresso coffee pot for a lot less than an Espresso machine. (As low as $25) They come in various sizes. I've used the same one for over 20 years. You could probably find them wherever kitchen supplies are sold and even at some Italian grocery stores. Here's what the most common ones look like: Alternatively, you can do what we used to do in high school - put a couple of tablespoonfuls of instant coffee in a cup and add just a third of a cup of water. No wait - that was our version of Turkish coffee - LOL!Espresso requires a machine - Espresso is a concentrated coffee brewed under pressure......but you can make a coffee Mocha (coffee w/ hot chocolate) although it won't taste as rich... Source(s): I have been in the retail coffee business, and I'm a professional barista...