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What Is The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso?

Q: What is the difference between coffee and Espresso? I've always wondered about this.

A: Espresso is much more concentrated, and stronger than coffee. Both, of course, are made from ground coffee beans. Espresso is at least DOUBLE-roasted; coffee may, or may not, be double roasted, but usually isn't. The more you roast the beans, the less caffeine they actually have too:) ... Espresso is made from finely ground beans, which compacts it and makes a very strong, intense flavor; also, the beans used are the boldest possible beans. Regular coffee is made from perk, fine, coarse, or whatever grind your coffeemaker calls for. You can choose whatever strength of coffee you like for your beans - from very mild to very strong. Espresso is stronger than's good though..if you like strong coffee.