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What Is The Difference Between Espresso And Coffee?

Q: Where does Espresso come from, and how is it different from coffee?

A: Espresso is three things: 1. A roast. All coffee companies have a roast of coffee they utelize as Espresso roasted coffee. 2. It is a grind. Coffee can be ground finer or courser for various purposes. Espresso grind is very fine. 3. A brewing method. Espresso translates to rapid, or fast. When brewing a shot of Espresso, it takes roughly 20 seconds. When brewing drip coffee, it takes minutes. It is intense, quickly brewed coffee. Espresso beans are roasted longer. It's also ground into a finer product than normal drip coffee. You can grind drip coffee beans to the same fine powder, but the end result isn't as rich as the Espresso bean coffee. Espresso is usually a very strong, very dark blend of coffee - mostly drunk in Espresso cups (which are much smaller than coffee cups) and had without milk.