What's A Espresso-Drink Recipe That Can Use Coffee Instead Of Espresso?

Q: I don't want to invest in an espresso machine. Is there a recipe for Cappuccinos, Latte's, or any of those types of drinks that just use regular drip-coffee?

A: If you make your drip coffee very, very strong, then you can use it in place of Espresso in drinks like Cappuccinos, Lattes, etc. However, you will need to heat and froth (or whip) the milk. If you don't have a steamer, then heat the milk to about 65 degrees C/ 149 F and then whisk it by hand or electric beater. Some people use a coffee plunger pot to froth warmed milk. Drawing the filter up and down in the milk causes it to froth. Cappuccino is simply one third coffee, one third milk and one third froth. Latte is about 30ml coffee to 100ml heated milk topped with about 1cm or half an inch of froth. How these drinks taste will depend very much on the beans you choose, so I would suggest purchasing a darker roast for a more Espresso flavour. Once you have the basic strong coffee and heated frothed milk mastered, then you might want to look up recipes like 'Caramel Latte'. In summer, you could simply pour a short strong filter coffee over a scoop of icecream to make an affogatto. I especially love mine with a rich chocolate icecream. In winter, I have even heated the icecream to melt it in the microwave and then added the coffee.