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What's Better - Coffee Or Espresso?

Q: What's better - coffee or Espresso? If you chose coffee, what is the best blend? If you chose Espresso, what is the best? Example: Café Latte, Espresso Macchiato, etc, etc.

A: I think coffee. It tastes much better to me, and I can sip it. As far as Espresso, it will wake you up, but for me, it does not taste good so i have to chug it. My best blend is 'Folgers' French Vanalla.' In my humble opinion, Espresso is long as it is fresh. I prefer mine with a twist of orange to accentuate the acidity, but allow for a bit of protection for your stomach lining. If I were going to have coffee, I would choose an organic Sumatra/Mocharabia dark roast blend. The one thing I know about coffee ~ it is all about the grind!