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What's The Cheapest Way To Imitate Starbucks' Cappuccino?

Q: Using a cheap Mr. Coffee machine?

A: Buy a good, strong Espresso coffee. At your house, you really need a Espresso machine. I have a small one that I bought at 'Target' for 25 bucks, it works wonders. I take my sugar and put it on the little pot, where the coffee is going to be catch on then, when the coffee starts pouring, whip the sugar and the coffee together to create foam, then I steam my milk in the machine just like them moving up and down the cup do it will create foam. Be careful to NOT let the milk steam up too much, or you'll get burned! Then, pour the sweetened Espresso, and put some whipped cream, or cinnamon, and nutmeg and it is just as good, forget Starbucks!!! I talked to a Marine yesterday, who was home on leave from the Gulf War, and he's going back in January. He told me that where he was stationed, a lot of the military personnel were really missing their 'Starbucks' fix, so a bunch of them wrote 'Starbucks' and asked if there was any way they could ship them a pallet of coffee? The answer they got from 'Starbucks' was a real slap in the face! 'Starbucks' told them:"We don't support the war, we don't support President Bush, and WE DON'T SUPPORT THE TROOPS!" I may not support the war, or Bush either, but I sure as heck support our troops. I say if Starbucks can't support out troops, then we shouldn't support them. Tell everybody about this and tell them all to boycott Starbucks! It says on their website that they support the military, but their actions say otherwise! BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!!!!!