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Whats The Difference Between A Coffee And A Cappuccino?

Q: How do you make a Cappucino? At some gas stations, they have Cappuccino and coffee machines, and I'm always confused, do I have to mix the two to make a Cappuccino, or does the Cappuccino machine prepare the Cappuccino the way it is supposed to be already.

A: Gas station Cappuccino is not real Cappuccino. Generally, they use a powdered mix and run hot water through it, like hot chocolate. Real Cappuccino is made from Espresso coffee and steamed milk. Cappucino is made with Expresso and milk that has been frothed (foamy on top). The coffee you're referring to is probably regular American coffee with either cream or milk Cappuccino machine prepares it the way it's supposed to be (most of the time anyway.) What's the difference? A lot of sugar.