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What's The Difference Between Espresso And Coffee Grounds?

Q: Is there much difference? I made Cappuccino with coffee grounds, and it tastes pretty good, but the coffee grounds ended up in my Cappuccino. Are coffee grounds smaller than Espresso grounds? Is that why theys snuck through the filter?

A: Actually, TURKISH grind is the finest level of grind. It ends up as close to powdered coffee as a grinder gets. Authentic Turkish grind is not ground, but smashed with a Mortis and Pestle. The DIFFERENCE in beans or grounds, of Coffee & Espresso are: Espresso is typically a darker roasted bean. It roasts longer/hotter, and the bean itself has less caffeine as a result. The typical grind setting for Espresso is finer than coffee. This could explain some grounds finding their way through the filter. Depending on the type of filter, various particulate can make it's way through, which usually settles in the bottom of the mug while drinking. You might want to check the way your filter is applied, to rule it out as the problem. Have you ever tried Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee? I think both of the answers offered already make some good points. First up; we are talking about coffee grounds, regardless of how fine they are ground. Its true, the grind for Espresso drinks is finer than plunger, vacuum, or filter coffee as it requires pressure to extract sufficient oils, etc. from the grinds in order to create Espresso. It is also true that the grind for turkish grind is even finer than Espresso grind, and is traditionally achieved with a mortar & pestle. Assuming your portafilter mesh hasn't been damaged in some way (i.e. the fine holes in the bottom enlarged), then I think the first contributor is correct in suggesting that your grinder is at fault - i.e. some excessively fine powdery grains being produced - fine enough to be forced through the mesh in your portafilter. I suggest you replace your grinder, assuming you are grinding your own coffee, and if you aren't, you should be, as it is the one thing that will improve your coffee more than anything else. Espresso grind is the finest. Other coffee makers use a coarser grind. Unless your machine is malfunctioning, I expect your problem is in your grinder (Or the store's grinder). Burr grinders are best for giving an even grind. Most electric blade grinders give you boulders and dust. It's the dust is making its way through your filter. BTW, I posted an article on that unlocks the "5 Keys To Making Great Coffee".