When Saying "Coffee", What Do You Mean, And What's The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso?

Q: When saying "coffee", what do you mean, and what's the deference between coffee and Espresso?

A: One among other diferences.. Coffee could make you stay awake for 1 hour. Epresso could make you stay awake for 10 hours. Coffee is a hot beverage that gets you to wake up in the morning, but an Espresso is an energizing kicker that keeps you going, and going like the 'Energizer Bunny'. Coffee is made from a coarser grind of coffee beans, while Espresso is made from a fine grind of a specific Espresso roast. Coffee is made in a coffee maker, while Espresso is made using an Espresso machine (high pressure, very hot water). Coffee is weaker than Espresso (generally). Espresso is used in Cappucinos, coffee is not. Coffee as a drink, usually served hot, is prepared from the roasted seeds (beans) of the coffee plant. It is one of mankind's chief sources of the stimulant caffeine. Because of this, coffee's nutritional benefits are disputed, sometimes labeled a cure-all, other times labeled a health hazard (see caffeinism). Espresso: This thick, strong coffee is made from French or Italian roast - beans with a shiny, dark oily surface.