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Which Are The Ultimate High-End Ground Coffee Brands?

Q: I'm also in the hunt for a classic, jewel-of-the-kichen, retro-designed, home Espresso machine. Any brands you would advise to check out?

A: There is no high end ground coffee- to get high end and good flavor, invest 15 bucks or so on a grinder, store the beans in the freezer, and grind just before brewing. My personal favorite is jamacain blue mountain coffee. YOu can order it here: As far as an Espresso machine, try the 'Breville Cafe Roma', available at just about any line high end store. Look for the most expensive ones, usually shade grown. That is coffee that has been grown on the shade of the original forest or orchards, thus avoiding jungle clearings and deforestation. My personal favorite, 'Cafe Ruiz', from Boquete, Panama. Sorry, but no experience on Espresso machines. 'Hacienda la Esmeralda' Geisha from Panama, which made news at the end of May when it set an auction record of $50.25 per pound. Praised for its fruit and floral flavors, it retails for more than $100 per pound.