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Which Espresso Coffee Machine Is Great And Affordable?

Q: I want to buy an Espresso machine 'Group One' handled, but I don't know which is great and can afford? Also, which in Espresso machine of semi automatic, automatic, or fuly automatic is great?

A: I love my 'Espressione Cafe Retro'. I've had it for three years, with no trouble and use it every day. I use the Illy Espresso pods (which I buy at Williams Sonoma for $11/18 pods). I believe the machine was around $350. Previously, we had a professional machine, which my husband took to his bar so there was a lot to live up to. I bought it online after lots of research. I am VERY happy! When you saw 'Tassimo', it was like a joke. If I used that to make Espresso, I would kill myself. The good machine is the 'Starbucks Barista', made by 'Saeco'. Nice handle, really, really good Espresso extraction. The down side is the steaming pressure, which you can buy at 'Starbucks'. It costs $300-400 after you buy the pitcher, shot glass, and stuff. Now I've changed my 'Starbucks Barista' to a 'Starbucks Serina'. It was designed by BMW, and costs around 700 dollars. It has a commercial grade handle, powerful steaming system. It's just a bit expensive. If you enjoy making those drinks, buy a semi automatic. Never buy auto machines. It can never, ever, make milk the way you want it. It is a really long journey for me to get control of how to steam with a home machine (which i worked at a coffee shop), but it's really nice at the end. Your question is like asking, which is great: a truck, a bus, or a motorcycle. Go to They have much information about Espresso machines. From my experience, here are the important things to know: 1. The coffee bean is the most important. For great Espresso, you have to get the best beans, freshly roasted, typically from specialty coffee stores, NOT THE SUPERMARKET. 2. The next most important thing is the bean grinder. This will cost between $200 and $800. Being able to produce a fine and consistent powder is very important. 3. Finally, you need a good machine. A very popular combination is the 'Rancilio Rocky' grinder with the 'Rancilio Silvia' machine. Total is about $850. If you don't want to spend at least $800, then I would advise on a 'Nespresso' machine