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Which Espresso Maker To Buy?

Q: I have been researching espresso makers. I would like to buy a decent machine, mostly for latte and cappuccino. I have it kind of narrowed down to Saeco Via Veneto vs. Gaggia Espresso. How do these measure up? Is there a different, comparably priced machine that is a better buy? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A: Another machine you might want to look at that is available at an excellent price is the Gaggia Coffee, which is available at a very reasonable price refurbished from the service center for America, ElectraCraft. They sell the machines on ebay with a 6 month warranty, or from their web site (for more money), with a full year warranty. They also accept credit cards at their web site. Their web address is: or their ebay auctions can be found regularly at: The Gaggia coffee at $145 refurbished may be the best price/performance available. The gaggia classic is a better machine, but is $300 refurb, and about $285 at ebay (if you went that way, pay the extra $15 at the web site for the extra warranty and the credit card availability. Also, for $225 refurb, they sell the Gaggia Baby, which by all accounts is a great machine. I would seriously consider that machine as well. Personally, I went with the real favorite here, which is the Rancilio Sylvia, which I love. But at $400, it is a big bite to swallow. Also, the Gaggias are less likely to be tempermental. The Sylvia is for the real fanatic, imho. David, thanks for the info. I had checked e-bay before. All they have right now is the Starbucks Barista for $150 and a (used) Saeco aroma Nero/noir for $35. Do the other machines show up regularly? I checked the electra-craft site and the espresso is $100, the Coffee is $225. The only difference I could discern is that the Coffee has a metal body and weighs more. Can you tell me how it is a better machine? Thanks for all the info. Kate.