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Which Is The Best Brand Of Coffee Maker?

Q: Which is the best brand of coffee maker? I want to buy a machine that makes delicious filter/Capuccino/Espresso coffee. Any recommendations?

A: Has to be a Gaggia, but they are very expensive. We have 'Krups' which was £150 and was worth every penny. They stuck it in 'Debenhams' still. It has a filter a 2nd facility to steam the milk and do the coffee for 1 or 2 cups at a time. Had ours 2 years this xmas. We love the smell too, especially if you grind the beans. Gaggia TEBE... available on Amazon, just like the 'real' Espresso makers. Invest in the 'pods' of coffee (no grinds to throw away, just the pod). Another alternative (and my personal favourite) is a Mocha. Looks like a tall metal teapot, water goes in bottom part, fresh fine ground coffee in the sieve, screw top on and place on stove. Perfect coffee produced 5-7 minutes later. Works best on electric stoves, gas burns the coffee... If you've got an Aga this is the way to go... :-)I have a 10 dollar French Press. Most 'Starbucks' people suggest French pressing at home. I love it. 'Cafe Au Lait' all the way.