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Which Is Worse For Women: Coffee Or Espresso Drinks?

Q: I've heard that the acid in coffee isn't good for women, but does that include Espresso drinks like Lattes? I was thinking that I would stop drinking straight coffee and just stick to a Latte or a Mocha, for the added benefit of calcium in the milk, etc. Would this make a difference, or are they both equally bad? Thanks!

A: New studies out show that coffee in moderation is actually good for women in preventing heart disease (although not really in men!). So, both regular coffee and Espresso are good for you in moderation! Espresso is coffee. They just call it Espresso because that is the name of the process they use to create the coffee with pressure and high temp. water through an Espresso machine. The only difference I see is that many people order Lattes or blended Espressos which use more milk, and more sweeteners, than if you just have drip coffee with a splash of milk. I think either could be healthy as long as you stick to non-fat milk or soy milk, and use sugar-free sweeteners. I guess the whole point of your question, is that people are telling you that coffee drinks are bad. That is generally due to the caffeine in the drinks, so if you are worried, just limit yourself to two coffees (or Mochas!) a day and stop worrying about what other people think!