1 Cup Coffee Machine

Coffee. It is something many of us cannot live without. It is probably one of the most distinctive aromas on the face of the earth, especially when it is brewing. Coffee comes in a variety of different ways, strengths, brews and flavors, and a true coffee connoisseur has probably tried them all. One of the most common sights in any household is that of the coffee maker on the stove or the counter. Almost every culture appreciates the value of a good cup of coffee.

In an effort to make sure we all have our coffee, coffee pot manufacturers came up with the 1 cup coffee machine. Now the concept of the 1 cup coffee machine may make you stop and go 'Huh? 1 cup?' But it's true. The 1 cup coffee machine is designed to give you that quick coffee fix we all need in the morning. In today's world of rush-rush-rush you can have that first cup of coffee quickly without having to wait for the entire 10 cup pot to brew. Or juggle your coffee mug and the carafe to get that coffee quicker if it is still brewing.

A 1 cup coffee machine is an inexpensive addition to your household appliances. They usually range between $25 and $40 at your local department store and they make a great alternative to making instant coffee in the morning. You don't even have to try and figure out just how much coffee you need to put into the basket to make a single cup. 1 cup coffee machines use coffee 'pods' in place of traditional loose coffee and filters - although there are some brands you can get small filters for in the event you want to use ground coffee with. Coffee pods are small round filters that have coffee sealed in them. Pop them into the basket and let the coffee brew. When it's done, throw the pod away. Clean up is easy and simple.

There are literally hundreds of 1 cup coffee machines on the market today. Some of them come with a small 1 cup carafe while others simply have you put your coffee cup under the spout and your coffee is delivered right into the cup for you. They are convenient and actually help you savor your coffee without wasting a whole pot. They are great for singles and couples alike and perfect for your office, although you may have co-workers wanting you to share some of that terrific brew.