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French Coffee Cups

The French take their coffee quite seriously and are known for their love of this beverage. The French Cafes are famous for serving different types of coffee which are considered to be the best in the world. France is known for its art and it is not surprising that there is huge variety of French Coffee Cups, to serve the different types of coffee.

You can find some of the most exquisitely designed coffee cups in France. Their love for the beverage has spilled into the way they serve it and French Coffee cups are popular all over the world. From a simple transparent cup to a porcelain cup with intricate designs, French Coffee Cups make the ideal present for people who love a cup of Java. There is a wide variety to choose from and the shape of the cup will also depend on the type of coffee which is served.

Bodum is a famous French company which makes French Coffee Presses and French Coffee Cups. For espresso coffee they have a set of two round designs cups capable of holding two ounces of coffee each. They have a simple transparent design without a handle and are made from Borosilicate glass. This type of glass is used for lab equipments and is very durable with heat-resistant properties. Although thin and light in weight, these French Coffee Cups are very strong and can withstand sudden temperature changes. They are also scratch resistant and safe to use in the microwave and a dishwasher. The glasses are hand blown with a double layer to retain the heat or cold of the coffee. The other bigger variety is with a handle capable of holding ten ounces of coffee and has the same transparent design.

French Coffee Cups also come in a wide variety of porcelain designs and shapes. The typical french cr?me coffee is served in big porcelain white cups with a saucer. Some cafes also serve this coffee in green porcelain and these have become popular in Britain. Mostly it is the white porcelain cups that are popular in France and many sport a silver color rim, which make them look more exquisite although they have a very simple design.

Among French Coffee Cups, mugs with a French coffee press is quite popular for travel. These mugs have a plunger and you can brew your coffee in the mug itself. These mugs are now made from stainless steel and can make a perfect cup of coffee in the outdoors.