Home Coffee Roaster

Coffee beans are green in color and are roasted to take away the acidic content and the bitterness. The level of roasting will depend on the preferred taste and the quality of the coffee beans. Coffee beans can be roasted at home in a pan over a fire, but this produces an uneven roast and to get a good coffee taste you need uniform roasting. Some people also use a popcorn popper for roasting coffee but this will damage the machine as coffee needs longer time of heat than popcorn. It is better to buy a Home Coffee Roaster to avoid all these problems.

Many people are now very particular about the taste of their coffee and want to perform the full coffee-making process themselves. In this the first crucial process is of roasting and you need to have some information regarding how the taste changes with the variation of temperature and time with the process of roasting. There are many different models of Home Coffee Roasters available and you will have to choose as per your requirement and budget.

You will need to first decide on how much coffee beans you will be roasting at a time. This will give you an idea of the size of the home coffee roaster you are looking for. If there is a space constraint then you can go for the nine ounce roasters and also these size machines have a lot of models to chose from.

The second step is to decide on the type of home coffee roaster you would prefer. The three types are stove-top roasters, air roasters and drum roasters. This choice will depend upon the level of roasting you require. Certain types are ideal for a light roast while certain machines have the capacity to roast to a darker color and for a longer time. So depending on the type of coffee you require you will have to make a choice between the different types of home coffee roasters.

There is also the smoke emission to be considered. Certain models of home coffee roasters handle this very well and you will hardly find any inconvenience. So choosing the right model of home coffee roaster will require a bit of research and you can do this online where all the features are clearly mentioned on different websites. Once you have got your home coffee roaster you can start experimenting with sample packs of different types of coffee beans to decide on the type of coffee you like the best.