Stove Top Espresso Coffee

The stove top method of making espresso coffee is quite easy if you learn about it. It would require the use of a stove top espresso machine. The lower part of the machine holds the water. The ratio is around three ounce for each cup of espresso coffee to be brewed. There is an additional basket in the lower area of the stove top espresso machine which is designed to hold the coffee ground. The coffee ground for making excellent espresso coffee should definitely be very finely ground and the coffee bean should be of the excellent espresso variety. Or there is an option of buying espresso grounds which are ready to be brewed from popular brands like the Aabree or the Star bucks. What ever the brand, remember the ratio of coffee ground is around 2 teaspoons for a regular espresso. If you would like to have a stronger espresso then just increase the scoops of the coffee ground proportionately.

The top lid and the upper part of the stove top espresso coffee making machine need to be screwed to be held firmly in place. The base of the upper part of the pot doubles up as the roof of the lower pot and there is no need to put any other lid on the lower pot. Until the upper pot is properly screwed on top and is totally aligned with the lower pot and the lid, the stove top espresso machine will not get locked correctly. So it is better to do this step carefully.

The stove top espresso machine is now left on the stove and care should be taken to maintain a low or a medium flame. The heat will let the water in the lower pot to boil and once the water starts boiling, it starts releasing the steam. Steam has a physical property of occupying greater space than water and hence pushes the water up. This boiling water with steam is then passed through the coffee and pushed further up through the filter. The espresso coffee accumulates in the upper chamber of the pot which is also provided with a handle for ease of pouring it out.

You have excellent stove top espresso coffee prepared in minutes and you may enjoy it as it is along with your breakfast or may be you would prefer to add a dash of lemon peel or Sambuca, it would become more enhanced.