Tea And Coffee Sets

Collecting tea cups and coffee sets can be a very fulfilling leisure pursuit that any age can partake in. Grandmothers may still boast of cup and saucer sets from their early life that could be the starting point of a teacup assortment which would convey them many hours of joy.

A tea cup or coffee set compilation is inside the reach of even common people, no matter what their budget is. Depending on where you look for figurines to buy, you can find loads of excellent tea and coffees sets for as low as even a couple of dollars or sometimes within a dollar too. The majority of these unique cups in the seventeenth century were specifically made for the prosperous, and were created out of fine silver. When the fact was realized that the metals when used in the creation of the tea or coffee sets would get spoilt or even pose dangers for health with their reaction with hot liquids, tea cups began to be created from porcelain, and it would hardly be a shock for any present day collector to see metal sets dating back to the olden eras.

Prior to starting to effectively amass tea cups, it should be made sure that you be acquainted with the distinction among a tea cup and a coffee cup. To the inexpert eye, these two cups do not appear much dissimilar. There is a simple way to tell them away from each other. Coffee cups are frequently larger than tea cups. Tea cups have quite a subtle appearance and typically have a corresponding saucer. The handles are set high on the side of the cup.

Where to come across these hard to pin down tea cups? Look about at your neighbouring flea markets, antique shops, and enquire to the elder women in your family concerning any tea cups they may have treasured away. Also, online auctions are fantastic places to discover good quality bargains on tea and coffee sets. There are also web sites that encompass original and second-hand tea and coffee sets for trade that may be of importance to you.

Make a decision previous to initiating collections in an immense way. This hobby can be just as high-priced or as low-cost as you wish for it to be. Sometimes it's more entertaining to pursue for and discover a teacup for a little sum of money than to get your hands on an expensive and exotic tea and coffee set.