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Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica Coffee Beans as the name suggests is the fruit of a variety of coffee shrub found mainly in Arabia. Robusta is the other variety of coffee beans, but Arabica is the superior variety and was the first one to be grown about a thousand years ago. The Arabica coffee plan grows to about 10 to 12 meters tall and has white flowers. These flowers develop into fruits or berries as they are commonly called. These berries are about 1 to 1.5cms in diameter and have a purple or bright red color when they are matured. There are usually two seeds inside these berries which are the actual coffee beans.

Coffee is often blamed for its high caffeine content, but scientific research has shown that Arabica coffee beans have lesser caffeine content than the Robusta variety. In fact the caffeine content is almost half of that of Robusta. Apart from the health angle Arabica coffee beans are considered superior because the coffee they produce has much better aroma and flavors. It is considered to be a gourmet coffee and its qualities are acclaimed worldwide. There are about 6000 types of Arabica coffee beans and 70% of the coffee grown in the world is Arabica.

The coffee produced from Arabica coffee beans is often termed as mountain coffee as the plant grows in higher elevations of about a couple of thousand feet above sea level. Due to the cooler climate the beans mature at a slower rate and acquire a deeper flavor and a stronger aroma. Although of a much better quality, the Arabica cofffe beans are much more difficult to grow and maintain. The plants are susceptible to different types of diseases and a variety of pests can attack them. If the climate becomes too cold the plant can also be easily damaged by frost. Also the harvesting of the berries is also difficult as the ripening is not uniform and they have to be picked by experienced hands which can make out the correct maturity of the berries.

Compared to Robusta, Arabica Coffee Beans are costlier, but well worth their price, as they have excellent flavor and aroma. You can get distinctive tastes from the different varieties of Arabica coffee beans and some of them have fragrances similar to nuts and spices. If you are particular about the taste of coffee then a brew made from Arabica coffee beans will never be a disappointment.