Arabica Coffee Shop

There are two main brands of the coffee seed grown in the world namely Arabica and Robusta coffee. Arabica happens to be quite outstanding in flavor and taste and is less loaded in caffeine content as compared to the Robusta coffee bean. Some of the world's beast Arabica coffee comes from Africa where the coffee plant was first discovered in the 13th century. It is said that the first traces of coffee were found in Ethiopia in the13th century by Arabian traders who took part in trade between Africa and the Middle East during these early years. To date, the best Arabica coffee is known to come from the four African countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia.

Arabica coffee shops are currently spread across the world and especially in the U.S and Europe where most of the African produced Arabica coffee finds its market. If you are looking for Arabica coffee shops, it is advisable to visit some of the coffee auctions in Europe where most of the Arabica coffee is first sold. After the beans are sold, they may not be very easy to trace in their original status since most of the European coffee traders who buy the Arabica coffee from these auctions generally purchase the Arabica coffee with one common thought in mind. They are mainly interested in using the Arabica coffee in addition to other coffee beans from other parts of the world in order to improve the flavors of the other coffee beans from other parts of the world.

Other than the Arabica coffee auctions, there are a few coffee shops that specialize in the sale of Arabica coffee. This is because the Arabica coffee is much loved due to its low caffeine content and outstanding taste and flavor. There are specific coffee shops and coffee packers who have taken the pride in giving 100% Arabica coffee and even go to the extent of putting the label on their packages to that effect. It is however important to note that the cost of the Arabica coffee at the Arabica coffee shops are likely to be more expensive as compared to other ordinary coffee brands.

It would also be advisable to take more of Arabica coffee from the Arabica coffee shops since the low caffeine content makes it less harmful as compared to Robusta coffee which has a higher content of caffeine. Caffeine is responsible for the addiction to coffee and also makes it difficult for any body who takes the drink the coffee to experience sleeplessness and other heart related complication such as high blood pressure.