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Best Coffee Beans

Coffee is a wonderful drink with a huge fan following all around the world. The passionate coffee fans would go to any extent to get their hands on the best coffee beans available. Coffee grows luxuriantly in warm and tropical climates. It is after all the quality of the soil and the quality of the climate which adds the quality to the coffee beans. Brazil is a wonderful country which gets lots of rain and also soaks up the hot sun a lot. A perfect combination of the heat and the moisture is what the coffee plant is looking around to get. May be this is what has made Brazil hold the prestigious position of being the single largest country producing more than one third of the globe's coffee.

But the ways of nature and the ways of the world are strange, to say the least. In spite of being blessed with such an optimum climate suitable for coffee cultivation, Brazil did not initiate the production. It all originated in Ethiopia, where the coffee cultivation is still found to be continuing. But the fact of the matter is that the rest of the world has picked up the coffee cultivation cues from here.

The other nations producing coffee are Indonesia, Hawaii, India, Mexico, Colombia, Srilanka etc. But the other countries do not seem to be as fortunate as Brazil, because they do not have the perfect combination of the rain and the warmth which is found in Brazil. But Hawaii is a different thing altogether. People who have tasted the Hawaii coffee seem to profess their never ending devotion to it.

The altitude or the height from the ground surface is also highly important for the proper and correct growth of the coffee plant. That makes it grow luxuriantly even in the high altitudes of Columbia.

Indonesia is another of the wonderful Asian countries which produces coffee on a commercial basis. This part of the world is blessed with abundant rainfall and lot of sun too. This is one country which takes its coffee cultivation quite seriously and the Indonesians employ a whole lot of advanced techniques to get the coffee cultivated even in places difficult to reach like the Java region and the Sulawesi regions.

The final call should be handed over to India, because this marvelous Asian country is one of its kind, because it is the only country in the whole world which cultivates all of its coffee in the artificial shade. India produces both the Arabica and the Robusta varieties.