Big Train Iced Coffee

Big train iced coffee is something that can satisfy anyone even true coffee lovers. Are you looking for that perfect coffee smoothie that will satisfy your thirst but still give you that wonderful caffeine buzz that you need all through out the day? Then look no further, big train iced coffee will truly meet your needs. They are available in different types of packaging and having different sizes depending on what you need. Also, they come in different flavors that you can not find anywhere like chocolate mint and chocolate malt. Their products are said to have redefined the industry.

Here are some recipes that will surely make your mouth water:

1. Typical Big train iced coffee. You need to pour 5 ounces of chilled coffee and milk or water, whatever floats your boat into a blender and then after that you need to add 2 big scoops of Big train iced coffee mix (any flavor would do, any flavor that you love). After adding the coffee mix, just add some ice and blend the mixture until it is smooth. Viola! You have the best blended coffee you have ever had.

2. Blended Caf? Mocha. Pour chocolate milk in the blender (as much as you want depending on how strong you want it to be). Then add, two scoops of that wonderful coffee flavored Big train iced coffee powder and then again but some ice. Pour into a big mug and then relax.

3. Vanilla and Banana Latte. Does not sound like a good combination. But trust me this is very delicious. You need to add two humongous scoops of vanilla flavored Big train iced coffee powder and then add one tablespoon of vanilla extract. After that you need to add on ripe banana. Lastly, put in milk and half a cup of vanilla ice cream (this would really depend if you want to or not). Then blend everything until it becomes smooth. Top it off with some whipped cream if you want and have fun.

Big train iced coffee is truly a very versatile coffee mix. You can practically mix it with anything you want and still have the best iced coffee that you have ever had. You can even create your own recipes so that you will have different types of coffee every time you create a blended iced coffee. It is very delicious and you should forget about calorie counting when you are making a Big train iced coffee.