Breville Espresso Coffee

Breville was founded in Australia in the year 1932. Breville stands as a symbol for innovation, design and wonderful functionality. The Breville Company has made numerous products for the kitchen and also many commercial coffee machines too. The Breville espresso range not only includes wonderfully designed domestic and commercial espresso making machines, but also espresso coffee.

The coffee made by the Breville Company goes under the trade name of Aabree Coffee. The Aabree espresso coffee brands are select blends of coffee precisely created to give you the perfect blend of your favorite espresso coffee. The espresso coffee lovers are famous for their critical selection of the blend. They can go to extreme lengths to get their blend right. The Aabree coffee range has been created keeping these perfectionists in mind. The most severe of the coffee critic will also be satiated after enjoying the wonderfully flavored espresso coffees from Aabree.

There are different blends of the Aabree espresso coffee like the Lavazza, Illy, and Caf? La Semeuse etc. The 8.8 oz bag packing of Caf? La Semeuse is an awesome blend of dark roast coffee with an eclectic mix of the various different coffees. Caf? La Semeuse has been created by perfectly blending the Mexicans, Guatemalan, Haitian and the Brazilian coffee beans. The Brazilian and the Mexican coffee have been considered the world leaders in the coffee production and their quality of the coffee beans is simply marvelous. The Caf? La Semeuse has received two different awards at the Fancy food show.

The Lavazza Grand espresso is a wonderful choice when you are looking out for some extremely creamy consistency of your coffee. The Lavazza coffee gives a thick variety of smooth and creamy coffee with an intense and over powering aroma when blended. There are 2 different packing of the Lavazza, one is 2.2 oz and the other is 8.8 oz. The Lavazza has another blend by the name of the Lavazza Oro which is an excellent coffee too. This espresso coffee is characterized by its full bodied nature and can be a marvelous after dinner drink. This Lavazza Oro is not so creamy and thick like the other Lavazza grand, so it can be used as after dinner or after lunch drink, because it wont fill you up and leave you feeling uncomfortable and stuffed. There is a promotional offer of almost 10 per cent discount or at least 20 Us dollars off when the customer purchases a Gaggia, Rancilio or Pasquini coffee grinder.